Circle Industrial – Miller Rd

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Lithonia, GA
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Milling & Resurfacing

Circle Industrial - Miller Rd

Ace Paving & Maintenance recently spearheaded a successful asphalt milling and resurfacing endeavor on the Miller Road Project in Lithonia, GA. This comprehensive project encompassed the removal and replacement of approximately 12,715 sq yds of deteriorated asphalt, along with the installation of 1,386 sq yds of new asphalt. The team commenced by meticulously milling the existing asphalt to a depth of 2”, expertly disposing of all millings, debris, and associated materials.

With precision, Ace Paving & Maintenance then executed the installation of the new asphalt areas. Beginning with an 8” aggregate rock base, compacted to optimal density and subjected to rigorous proof rolling for stability assurance, the team followed up with the strategic placement and compaction of 2.5” of 19mm binder asphalt. This was backed by an additional 1.5” layer of heavy-duty 9.5mm surface asphalt, resulting in a flawlessly smooth and uniform finish. In total, the project involved the replacement of around 1,400 tons of old asphalt, coupled with the incorporation of 300 tons of fresh asphalt, solidifying the road’s renewed strength and durability.

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