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Ace Paving is Metro-Atlanta’s go-to source for concrete flatwork installation and repair.

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When it comes to repairing and maintaining existing commercial lots, driveways, and more asphalt paving and repair is step one. In many cases the concrete work, curbs, sidewalks, walkways and more help to create appropriate traffic flow, improve water run-off, and provide safe and visible barriers between roadways and walkways. 

By offering a one-stop solution for asphalt and concrete work the experts at Ace Paving are able to reduce your project management needs, improve completion timelines, and maintain costs to keep your project in budget.

Quality Concrete Flatwork from the Experts at Ace Paving

When it comes to concrete flatwork, professional pouring is key to achieving long-lasting and visually appealing results. Our staff brings years of combined experience to custom-fit solutions to meet your project scope requirements. Ace Paving’s attention to detail and years of experience mean you can count us to deliver:

  • Durability: Our skilled professionals understand the importance of durability in concrete structures. We use high-quality materials and employ industry best practices to ensure that our concrete flatwork is built to withstand heavy use, harsh weather conditions, and the test of time.
  • Strength: Concrete flatwork requires a solid foundation. With our expertise, we ensure that the concrete we pour is strong and structurally sound. Whether it's a curb and gutter installation or a new sidewalk, you can have confidence in the strength and stability of our work.
  • Longevity: Investing in professional concrete flatwork means investing in long-term solutions. Our meticulously poured concrete surfaces are built for longevity, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements down the line, saving you both time and money.
  • Versatility: Concrete is a versatile material that can be customized with specific needs in mind. We partner with businesses and commercial properties to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your curb and gutter installations, sidewalks, walkways, dumpster pads, and ADA remediation projects to fit code and property maintenance requirements.
Builders pouring cement during Upgrade to residential street.

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Curb & Gutter Installation & Repair

Protect your property with concrete curbs and gutters. 

Concrete curbs and gutters act as a physical barrier for vehicles and pedestrian traffic, help maintain water flow, and enhance the overall aesthetics of your commercial and industrial properties. Proper installation and maintenance of curbs and gutters will help to reduce costly risks, improve the safety of your visitors, and improve longevity of your paved surfaces.

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Sidewalks and Walkways

Whether it's a bustling commercial complex, an industrial facility, or a serene residential community, concrete sidewalks and walkways provide a long-lasting solution that can withstand heavy foot traffic and various environmental conditions. Trust the experts at Ace Paving to deliver exceptional concrete flatwork for your shopping center, apartment or townhome community, residential neighborhood, or commercial business park.

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Dumpster Pads

Dumpster pads aren’t just a landing place for garbage and recycling bins. 

A well-constructed and properly maintained dumpster pad helps to contain waste materials, preventing any leakage or seepage that could be harmful to the surrounding area. Additionally, a durable and level pad provides a stable surface for efficient waste disposal and collection, reducing the risk of accidents or damage caused by uneven ground. Trust us to create a dumpster pad that not only meets your functional needs but also enhances the overall appearance of your property.

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ADA Remediation

Ace Paving is your Atlanta area partner for ADA remediation, helping your business or community provide accessible pathways for individuals with disabilities. Our experts help to ensure your project is in compliance with ADA regulations, allowing for safe and barrier-free navigation. Whether it's installing ramps, sidewalks, or walkways, concrete flatwork helps create inclusive environments that cater to the needs of everyone.

Your Partner for Commercial and Industrial Paving in Atlanta, Georgia

For over 25 years, Ace Paving has been partnering with businesses, local communities, property management groups, and private works companies to pave the way towards a smooth future. We proudly provide commercial and industrial paving services across the Atlanta Metro Area, including:

  • Alpharetta, GA
  • Duluth, GA
  • Gwinnett, GA
  • Marietta, GA
  • Sandy Springs, GA
  • Woodstock, GA

Concrete flatwork projectsFROM ACE PAVING

Take a look at some of our recently completed milling and asphalt resurfacing projects in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Marietta, and Decatur.

Peachtree City Shopping Center

Ace Paving was proud to collaborate with partners at the Peachtree City Shopping Center to resurface and improve their existing parking lot. Our team completed this project while still allowing full access to the entire shopping center, bank & fast food restaurant – ensuring minimal disruption to patrons and business owners during the project. Traffic control was…

Best Practices for Backfilling After an Underground Repair

When dealing with underground utility repairs like water lines or telecom cables, filling trenches properly is crucial for long-term stability. Improper backfilling can actually harm the utilities that were just repaired, leading to the need for additional repairs – and increased costs in the long term. At Ace Paving, we understand the importance of teaming…

Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Paving Project

Are you considering a paving project or repair for your asphalt pavement surface? Whether it’s repairing existing surfaces or starting from scratch, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure a successful outcome. Hiring a reliable and experienced asphalt company, like Ace Paving, can make all the difference. To help you get started, we’ve…

U.S. Reif Lakeside Commons Asphalt Resurfacing

Client requested Ace Paving & Maintenance services to mill & resurface their existing worn out drive lanes & parking areas, as well as re-install speed bumps & re-stripe entire project. To limit impact to daily operations in the business complex, the Ace Paving Team was able to work with U.S. Reif to accommodate a modified…

St. Marlo Country Club Road Resurfacing

Our team of paving experts partnered with St. Marlo Country Club in Duluth, GA for a large-scale repaving project in the community. Our milling and resurfacing experts repaired and repaved roadways throughout the community to improve drivability, safety, and longevity of the asphalt surfaces.

Pothole Prevention and Maintenance with Ace Paving

As winter approaches, it’s essential to get ahead of the game in maintaining your asphalt paving. The freeze/thaw cycle can be particularly harsh on roads, driveways, and parking lots, leading to the formation of potholes and other surface damage. At Ace Paving, we understand the importance of proper asphalt maintenance and offer a range of…


“It was a pleasure working with you and the crew. Many of our residents tell me what a wonderful job you guys did and how friendly and helpful all of the crew was. I appreciate so much your quick response to all our questions and the quick returned calls.”

Marie S.

“Great place to work, as the company continues to grow, your work is appreciated, it shows by the owner’s support of his employees and advancements for those who work hard and show their loyalty to the company.

John N.

“Ace did a seal and re-stripe for my auto repair business Randy's Auto center in Cumming. The price was fair and they performed the job on a Sunday so not to impact my business. They showed up as promised and the finished product exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Ace!

Marty S.

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A well-maintained property can enhance your company's image, improve safety, reduce maintenance costs, and even increase property value. At Ace Paving, we provide superior concrete pouring and repair services that cater to a broad array of commercial and industrial needs. 

With services ranging from the construction of expansive commercial parking lots to the intricate paving of industrial complexes, when you trust your concrete project to Ace Paving, you can always count on

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Reach out to us today and let's pave the way towards a safer, more efficient, and aesthetically pleasing commercial infrastructure.