Sidewalk Installation & Repair

Quality concrete flatwork for your sidewalk installations and repairs throughout Metro Atlanta.

Better Sidewalks Make Better Communities

Sidewalks provide safe, dedicated walking space for pedestrians in our towns, neighbors in our communities and visitors at our businesses and retail centers. When you’re looking to create better shared, public spaces you can count on the Alpharetta-based team at Ace Paving to get the job done.

Horizontal shot of a new strip shopping center nearing completion.

Sidewalks for Shopping Centers & Retail Hubs

Retail centers are known for heavy traffic - both in cars and on foot - which increases the importance of having dedicated sidewalks to keep parking lots and thoroughfares clear of pedestrian traffic and reduce risk. Partner with the pros at Ace Paving to help plan and install sidewalks and walkways to meet the specific traffic flow and accessibility needs of your retail center.

Suburban office building in a generic parkway setting

Walkways for Commercial and Industrial Business Complexes

Sidewalks create safe and accessible entry and exit for your commercial or industrial facilities and walking paths throughout your business park can offer tenants and their employees a nice spot to stretch their legs and get away from their desks during the day. Whether it’s a new sidewalk installation or repair and rehabilitation of existing concrete, we can return your walkways to the safe, sturdy surfaces that your commercial spaces deserve.

Street Intersection on Logan Boulevard and Francisco Avenue in L

Municipal Sidewalk Installation

Walkability is a buzz word for many metro areas and suburban centers alike, and walkability means more sidewalks connecting some of your cities commercial, entertainment and residential zones. The experts at Ace Paving partner with city planners and leaders to help design and install sidewalks and walkways that will improve accessibility, mobility, and connectivity for all.  

Couple Push Daughter In Stroller As Son Rides Scooter

Community Sidewalks and Walking Paths

For residents in apartments and townhomes and even HOA managed communities, having a dedicated walking path for themselves and their furry friends is top-of-mind and can even increase desirability for potential new residents. These dedicated walking paths and road-side sidewalks will also help to keep pedestrians out of busy community roadways and provide them a safe place to get out and exercise.  

Builders pouring cement during Upgrade to residential street.

Sidewalk Repair and Maintenance Services

Over time, sidewalks endure regular wear and tear from weather conditions, heavy foot traffic, and general aging. In the long run, damaged sidewalks not only pose risks to pedestrians but also detract from the overall curb appeal of your property or community. 

Professional Sidewalk Repair and Replacement can help commercial properties and residential communities

  • Reduce Risks
  • Improve walkability
  • Enhance Curb Appeal
  • Improve Accessibility

Ace Paving’s sidewalk repair and replacement services address common issues and everyday wear and tear to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your sidewalks. Our skilled technicians will assess the damage, determine the appropriate repair or replacement method, and work with your business, community board, or local planners to get the job finished with minimal downtime and hassle to your employees, customers, or residents. 

Experience the Ace Advantage

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Sidewalk installation & Repair Projects FROM ACE PAVING

Take a look at some of our recently completed HOA and private road projects in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Marietta, and Decatur.

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FEMA Warehouse

Milled and repaved 16,512 square yards at the FEMA Warehouse in Atlanta to withstand heavy-duty demands.

Circle Industrial – Miller Rd

Removal and replacement of over 12,715 sq yds of aging asphalt, complemented by the installation of 1,386 sq yds of new asphalt.


“It was a pleasure working with you and the crew. Many of our residents tell me what a wonderful job you guys did and how friendly and helpful all of the crew was. I appreciate so much your quick response to all our questions and the quick returned calls.”

Marie S.

“Great place to work, as the company continues to grow, your work is appreciated, it shows by the owner’s support of his employees and advancements for those who work hard and show their loyalty to the company.

John N.

“Ace did a seal and re-stripe for my auto repair business Randy's Auto center in Cumming. The price was fair and they performed the job on a Sunday so not to impact my business. They showed up as promised and the finished product exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Ace!

Marty S.