FEMA Warehouse

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Atlanta, GA
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Milling & Resurfacing

Milling & Resurfacing of FEMA Warehouse in Atlanta, GA

In response to a customer request addressing concerns over deteriorated asphalt conditions, our team undertook a significant milling and resurfacing job for a FEMA Warehouse located in Atlanta, GA.

The project involved meticulously milling a vast area of 16,512 square yards of existing worn-out asphalt down to a depth of 2 inches.

After ensuring a thorough clean-up of the milled area, we proceeded to repave using 2 inches of 12.5mm heavy-duty superpave asphalt.

Our dedicated team ensured that the newly laid asphalt was compacted to achieve a smooth, uniform finish, meeting the highest standards of quality and durability.

The completion of this project not only revitalized the infrastructure but also ensures a prolonged lifespan for the warehouse’s foundation.

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