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Atlanta Asphalt Overlay

If your asphalt project in Atlanta calls for repairing existing asphalt, you can rely on our strong expertise at ACE Paving & Maintenance. We ensure that our commercial asphalt paving customers are confident that our recommendation is the most practical solution for your asphalt repair.

Our professional contractors will first examine all damaged areas of your existing asphalt. We assess the extent of damage, condition of existing asphalt and suitability of subgrade and base rock to determine what type of asphalt overlay is appropriate.

Georgia Perma Flex® Overlay System

Let the experts at ACE Paving & Maintenance in Georgia determine if Perma Flex® overlay system is right for you. Perma Flex® asphalt overlay is a more economical solution versus a complete removal and replacement of damaged and cracked asphalt. If you have a large area for paving, this system becomes even more economically favorable.

Perma Flex® is a unique overlay system designed to utilize existing asphalt as a base for a new surface course. This system eliminates reflective cracking seen in many traditional overlays. A reflective crack is when an existing crack migrates towards the surface of the new asphalt. Perma Flex® is the only system created solely for overlaying cracked surfaces.

The Perma Flex® asphalt overlay system has proven to be a great system with a relatively long life. The benefit to this system is the cost is typically much less than a complete replacement. To learn more about the advantages or to determine if your asphalt surface is a candidate for Perma Flex®, call ACE Paving & Maintenance today.

Asphalt Overlay Contractors Alpharetta GA

Alpharetta Asphalt Overlay Contractors

We specialize in asphalt overlay at ACE Paving & Maintenance. Our strong references reveal the expertise and high class service of our asphalt contractors. We understand the importance of having a flawless asphalt surface in your parking lot, driveway or sidewalk to reflect your home or business in a positive way. Contact our Atlanta Asphalt Overlay Contractors today and let us evaluate your damaged asphalt and provide the most suitable overlay system for your budget and needs.